Nanotubes & Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles are defined as any particles that have any one dimension less than or equal to 200 nm. To put that in perspective, it would take 5,000 such particles stacked on top of one another to equal 1 mm, or 5 million in a row to equate a meter. At SAI, our electron microscopy laboratory is able to image such particles.

As the science of materials on the nanoscale has become quite the focus lately in the research and development community, we are seeing more and more applications of materials that include nanotechnology and nanoparticulate. The health effects of nanoparticles are poorly understood however, yet there is growing concern that they may be significant.

Experts at SAI are working with scientists around the world to develop methods for the interpretation and analysis of nano particulate in the environment. Please contact our specialists with any questions, concerns, or analytical needs relevant to this growing area of technology.

Nanotubes & Nanoparticles SAI Nanotubes & Nanoparticles
Nano Tube

Nanomaterials Testing Capabilities

  • Imaging for Morphology and Particle Size
  • Dispersion and Homogeneity
  • Contaminants in Nano-Products
  • Consumer Product Comparison and Analysis
  • Crystalline Phase Determination by Electron Diffraction and EDS.
  • Analysis of Nanomaterials for Consumer Products

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