Pump Loan Program

SAI’s free Pump Loan Program delivers on its promise to provide you with free pumps, media, and calibration. We will also include any accessory you need for your project. Simplify your work, fill out our loan agreement, and receive your order when and where you request it.

Then, send the samples and equipment back to us; get your results on time and with precision.

What’s my next step?
Sign up for SAI’s Pump Loan Program by clicking here (.pdf). Please print, fill out, then send the form back to us via any of the methods (email or fax) listed below…

You contact us, tell us what equipment you need, where you need it, and when it needs to be there. We send you what you ask for, properly calibrated, with media, and a secondary calibrator. You collect your sample(s), you send it all back, and we provide the accurate and timely data that you need. Retail analytical rates apply to samples taken with SAI’s free pump loan program. Contact us for SAI’s current standard fee schedule.

What to expect?
You will receive fully charged and pre-calibrated pumps usually within two (2) business days. We will also provide tubing, sample media, sample media holders, chargers, instructions, cyclones (or PPIs if requested), splitters, low flow regulators, tube breaker, tool kit, chain-of-custody form, and calibrated field rotameter, all packed in a sturdy carrying case.

Pump Loan Program SAI Pump Loan Program

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